Friday, 20 September 2013

A promising start.

Okay so......

There is in existence a tarot deck. Not so many folk have heard of it. I have. I made it.
It has a name, I would love to formally introduce you, but though it is right here besides me it's current owner has not yet had the wherewithall to deliver it to you in all 78 flamin' glories.

The deck is Bonefire Tarot and I am here as representative of it's companion book in the making being written under the canny working title of the 'A Fireside Chat with Bonefire Tarot'.

In this blog I mean to try out some of the material I have written for the book and see if any I can stand the sound of my own whiney voice just enough to inflict it on you. Whilst I am a pretty adept creator of my favorite tarot deck self-published in 2013, by a very little-known Australian Symbolist painter, I am no writer- yet. This blog will change that, I never found anything creative that can't be tackled head on. I am a tenacious Jack Russell of a woman. A real ankle biter. 

So let's just see if I can't untangle something from a web of  notebooks and misguided notions residing in my brain-box and turn up some enlightening banter withwhich to illuminate my favorite subject, the inimitable, BonefireT.

To be honest I would rather be painting, when you have seen Bonefire and read this, I fear you might be in agreement.

Well-Hey ho!
On we go!
................and I will start tomorrow.

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