Monday, 23 September 2013

Decisions made. Good.

          Decisions have been made about this blog.
 I am most keen to deliver my own interpretations of Bonefire in digestible chunks and finding myself in possession very rough first drafts of all the minor arcana, it seems fitting I should present the blog as follows;
I will shuffle, make a daily pick from completed cards and post the rough diamond card description here.
When this is done that card will be removed from my future choices.
As soon as I have access to my hard-drive with the full deck, (a few weeks) card pictures will be posted, as I go. Many are on the website, but I kept plenty back to surprise and delight buyers.
I will then, of course welcome any comments made about my observations.
These card descriptions are very personal and should not therefore be treated as especially useful as a tarot learning tool. Some are merely stories of a cards inception. In others you will see my own inner turmoil as I wrestle to find the words to describe my own work.
        I will find this helpful. If you own a copy of Bonefire, it might improve your enjoyment of the deck, if you suspect the opposite affect might result, I apologize in advance and suggest you neither torture yourself any more or blame the deck. Bonefire will not be held responsible for the future actions of persons connected it's use.

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