Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New SWOSH cards and the Bonefire Tarot App

I made two new cards yesterday for TWOSH so I'll put them up here for your perusal.
   The deck is skipping along fine, some cards go well, some not so much.
 I have about 70 sketches for cards, so there might be room to weed a few out.
  Currently there are 20 completed cards, I'll put a few more up when I'm not in a painting frame of mind -that does happen, but usually only when I'm a bit blocked, which has not really happened since I discovered card creation.
  I have to say I highly recommend making some kind of cartomancy deck for any one who is in any way visually creative; it is a seemingly bottomless pit of inspiration and spring board into deeper waters of self-discovery and education.
I've been advertising locally for a partner in crime, to make some workshops on Tarot and Creativity- no takers yet, or even likely, I want someone to hold hands with, when we are nervous and feeling like Charlatans.
  Oh yes and -for anyone who is here because they have a passing interest in Bonefire Tarot. I saw the menu page and icon for the Fool's Dog App which is in development, if it plays as good  it looks, I will be one happy lady.
  Here are those cards.

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