Monday, 24 February 2014

Social Media and THE WYRD of SARAH HOWARD.

    It is not that I don't like talking about myself, or backing  my art work.....
        Well actually it is that and more. I just want to be painting, but as I decided I want to sell decks and artwork then I will try harder with this blogging business.
    I have a somewhat small day-job, it is very dull and I am threatened with the need to make money, to eat and stuff. The Answer is- SELL MUCH MORE ART ! Much, much, much, more art.
      I am painting every day now and will post the results here. The works are for a new deck I am absorbed with.  An image a day. A high rate of turn over and top entertainment, if you include the scrapers I may also post.
    So if you want to find out the contents of this artists brain-box, about now would be a good time to do it.
      I have decided out of necessity, I will not engage my inner-editor for this blog as she is rather stifling and cares too much about typos and spacing. I save those kind of decisions for my art.
    Ps. I reserve the right to recant everything I say in this blog and blame it on the dog.
Sarah sits and Sarah sews.
acrylic and pen on paper 18cmx13cm
Feb' 2014
Artwork for the first card from THE WYRD OF SARAH HOWARD.
  My new Oracle deck in progress.

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